Case Study: Dance Flashmob

08 March 2017

Client: L’Oreal

Event Date: Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th February 2017

Firebird Event Manager:  Rachael Loosemore

Back in January, L’Oreal came to us with an enquiry for a high impact, memorable performance that would be performed once a day at their Lancôme conference, held over three days in February. L’Oreal wanted something that would enhance their presentation and to stand out from the competition. The conference was a platform to release a new make-up product for the brand. Each day would see 350 different L’Oreal and Lancôme members of staff attend the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London.

The performance that we proposed and which was confirmed with almost no hesitation, was a Dance Flashmob - performed as a surprise! The dance was choregraphed to fill the required 3 minutes with a performance to Power by Justin Bieber. Underneath each dancer’s top we had a specially printed black t-shirt with a letter on - spelling out ‘THANKS’.

On the first day of the event, during a coffee break, our six dancers, along with an Event Manager arrived onsite to perform a full-dress rehearsal with the onsite production team. Following the rehearsal, the dancers remained in the room, disguised as delegates and sat in the audience. After the final speech of the conference, the music began and the dancers emerged one by one. The performance was very theatrical and greatly enhanced by the lighting provided by the onsite production team.

Each day created the exact same buzz which left the audience with a real feel good factor before they left for their commute home.

A word of advice for anyone planning a Flashmob – keep it a secret! The less people that know, the better! 

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