Entertainers Feature – Halloween, Christmas and The Unusual…

17 September 2018

Mix and mingle entertainers are a great way to engage guests and really help to set the scene, creating that ‘wow’ factor as guests arrive. We often get asked for ‘something different’ or ‘unusual’ by our clients and with Halloween being little over a month away and Christmas party season around the corner too, we wanted to share some of our favourites with you. In addition to these seasonal entertainers, we also wanted to feature a couple of our more unusual acts that are just fabulous!

Halloween Entertainers

Las Muertas – Performing up to 3 x 30 minute sets

Minimum booking of 2 performers, up to 6 performers available

The illuminated and masked Las Muertas Stilt Walkers are a great choice for Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations. Silent and eerie, they create a spooky atmosphere, and will occasionally dance if there is lively music to break the spell… Their ghostly dresses flicker with amazing coloured lights which really stand out on dark nights, perfect for leading parades or walking through large crowds.


Voo Boo – Performing up to 3 x 30 minute or 2 x 45 minute sets

Minimum booking of 2 performers, up to 5 performers available

As the jungle drum beats and the voodoo chant reaches a crescendo, the unholy stilt walking creatures ‘Voo Boo’ are summoned. Mammy Bones, Bone Daddy, Gargirl and Spider Bones arise from the dead, striking fear into the hearts of all your guests.



Christmas Themed Entertainers

Christmas Glide-About -  Performing up to 3 x 20 minute sets

Minimum booking of 2 performers, up to 10 performers available

Bring some sparkle and Christmas glow to your festivities, with these stunning LED dancers that gracefully zoom around on custom LED hover-boards to up-beat Christmas tunes. The impressive costume graphics are synchronised to transform through a multitude of eye catching images (custom corporate logos can be incorporated upon request). They will certainly get your guests into the Christmas Spirit!



Snow Lion – Performing up to 3 x 30 minute sets per day

Prepare to be amazed as you come face to face with the mythical giant Snow Lion accompanied by the Scarlet Queen and servant. Perfect for walk about performances, guests will be encouraged to interact and stroke the enchanting blue-eyed lion. Combining animatronic puppetry, captivating characters, impressive costumes and music, this act creates a magical and unique festive experience.



Unusual Entertainers

Sea Sphere – Performing up to 3 x 30 minute sets

Great for daytime events and beautifully illuminated for evening events too!

Stand captivated as our mesmerising Sea Sphere containing our enchanted mermaid travels by. This walkabout undersea act comes complete with fluttering seaweed and includes atmospheric lighting for evening events. The mermaid encourages guests to interact with her, by placing their hands on the sphere and a simple press of the red button leads to a stream of bubbles being emitted. Simply enchanting… 



Dinotopia - Performing up to 3 x 30 minute sets per day

Welcome to Dinotopia! Make friends with our beautiful dinosaur, Odysseia the Parasaurolophus and share in Captain Jon Voyage adventures as he tries to return this inquisitive beast to The Land that Time Forgot. Pose for selfies, walk alongside her and make friends – a truly unique experience!



Aren’t they all just amazing?! If you would like to know more then please do contact our sales team on 01252 545654 for full information, prices and any specific requirements.

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