Firebird Focus – Providing Added Value!

28 March 2019

This month’s ‘Firebird Focus’ blog features our Managing Director Paul Griffiths and his thoughts on how the Firebird team provide ‘added value’ whilst tackling the ever-emerging needs of our clients.

Creative input

The event planning process has certainly evolved over the years and we’ve seen a trend in clients requiring increasing levels of creativity from us in order to provide fully immersive event solutions.

Clients look to us, not only meet their brief, but to provide new ideas on how to give their events ‘the edge’ and added WOW factor. That’s where having our experienced and creative team on your side really comes into force…


Providing bespoke event solutions

In our 20 plus years, we’ve seen, created and experienced A LOT, so we have plenty of innovative acts, games, décor and technology-based solutions to offer.

On the production side of things, we’ve built countless bespoke sets for conferences, exhibitions and parties, provided all sorts of event solutions including ‘smart’ RFID badges with tracking and in-built voting, holographic projection and a number of virtual reality experiences (which is certainly a growing trend).

We have also provided an array of more unusual bespoke event solutions including everything from; revealing fork-lift trucks through a smoke screen as part of a product launch, to supplying a ‘Hedwig’ Owl delivering a mini perfume bottle on stage (with 3 days notice!) to producing WOW factor fully choreographed flash mob performances and commissioning bespoke fully branded candy carts complete with branded sweets.

Needless to say, if we can’t do it in-house, we’ll know someone who can… We’re a very talented bunch but there are limits!!


Budget constraints and guidance

Whilst we will always have plenty of event ideas on the table, inevitably, creativity can be somewhat ‘halted’ by everyone’s least favourite phrase – ‘budget constraints’.

We are often called upon at this point, by helping prioritise the ‘must haves’ and giving guidance on where budget would be best spent. In an ideal world, clients would have everything on their ‘wish list’, but sometimes that’s just not possible…


Final thoughts

The nature of our industry means that our crazy world of events is ever-emerging!! Our experienced team keeping on top of the latest trends and stocking the latest technology, are just a few of the things that set us apart - helping us to ‘add value’, advising our clients in the best way possible and ensuring that we deliver truly memorable events!

If you have an up-coming event and need some ideas, please do get in touch….

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