Firebird Focus – Virtual Team Building

13 May 2020

As with many companies and individuals we have found ourselves having to adapt over the last few weeks and find our new normal. At first this was scary, not knowing what the next few months held or how to plan for the future. But as the weeks go on we are enjoying finding new solutions for our clients so they can still deliver their events and bring their teams together. With social distancing likely to be part of everyday life for the foreseeable future, here are a few of the many Team Building activities that we can run virtually for you. 


Virtual Horse Racing

One of our all-time favourite Team Building Activities is our Virtual Horse Racing Night. Guests have always enjoyed a virtual day at the races and now we have taken this activity truly virtual. With guests working in teams within breakout rooms this activity is perfect for anyone looking to focus on the Team Building aspect while still having a great time.



Looking to just have a bit of fun? Look no further than our Bingo activity! With two rounds of classic bingo and two rounds of musical bingo, there are plenty of opportunities to win in this fast paced activity. With guests being at home, we also find people are a lot more open to singing along!


Quiz options

Quizzes seem to have taken over the country in the last few weeks! We have a whole host of different quiz options depending on what would suit your event and your participants. From question and answer quizzes that test general knowledge, to the more fun and silly game show based quizzes like Task Master and Quiz Mania.


Plenty more options are available including cocktail making, virtual escapes and more. We hope this helps inspire you to find ways to bring your teams together. If you would like any information on these activities or other options, please do contact our sales team who would be delighted to assist!

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