Helping Robe Bring The Stage To Life

15 March 2018

To complete their successful partnership in 2017, Robe once again employed the services of Firebird Events at ‘Live Design International 2017’ for their most challenging exhibition stand to date.

We helped them to create ‘Robe City Music Hall’, based on New York’s iconic Radio City Music Hall complete with a life-like building exterior headlining ‘Mega Pointe Live’ launching their newest fixture. Once inside, the stunning live performance stage and two demo areas were revealed!


The project was once again headed up by Firebird’s Head of Production Josh Williams, overseeing the technical production for the stand, as well as project managing the build onsite with teams from Robe North America and local rental house VER.


Working from initial visuals created by Robe’s creative team, the Firebird team created a detailed 3D model of the space, allowing all parties to visualize what they could achieve and ensuring no elements were missed. We also provided exact measurements for the printed theatre scene to be created around. A key part of the exhibition stand design was the feature light show, which has become standard over the last few years.  This year there was the added lighting element for a choreographed live show – it looked amazing!!


Having worked together on a number of shows over the past few years, Robe’s Nathan Wan explains: “The reason we brought Firebird in originally to work on our exhibition stands is because of their complete understanding of adding a ‘corporate look’ to the stand. There are a huge number of companies that could install the lights for us, but it’s the added level of detail that Firebird go to which adds to the Robe experience our customers have come to expect.”


Lori Corcenour, COO of Robe North America commented “I want to thank you for your efforts at LDI. The booth looked great, drove traffic and most importantly showed our products off well while still allowing space for individual demos and meetings where orders were discussed – and sometimes signed on the spot.”


The team are looking forward to the next ‘trademark’ Robe stand for Prolight and Sound next month, which will be sure to push the boundaries once again…


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