November 2016

30 November 2016

And just like that… November is over and December is here!


With 138 events in November and 203 events in December, we are in full swing and ready for the festive period… only 23 days to go until the big day!

In the month of November we had many events to keep us nice and busy. We were at Hever Castle for a 50th birthday celebration, where the Pavillion was transformed into a night club with uplighters, black and white chequered dancefloor, table centres, outside heaters and lighting! Take a look here and see how the room looked.

As it is now December, the festive jumpers are out and the tree has gone up in the office today, very nicely decorated by both Rachael’s and Antonetta! We think it is a work of Art if we do say so ourselves. To keep in the festive spirit we are also having a Christmas desk decorating competition, keep an eye on social media to judge which one is your favourite!

With many years’ experience with the Christmas parties, we thought we would be kind and give you 8 simple tips on how to make your office party great…

  1. Make sure you attend!
  2. Plan your outfit in advance: don’t leave it until the evening to then decide you’ve got nothing to wear!
  3. Stay away from the microphone: leave the announcements to the DJ. Nobody really wants to hear your version of ‘All I want for Christmas’ maybe save that one for Christmas day with the family.
  4. Take the odd picture here and there: but stay away from the photocopier
  5. Mingle and put your phone down every now and again: live in the moment and get to know your colleagues, they might not all be that bad and you never know you could have a lot in common.
  6. Let your hair down: after all it is Christmas!
  7. Eat, drink & stay classy!
  8. Most importantly be merry: just don’t get too don’t want to be the talk of the office on your return in January!


From all of us at Firebird Events, thank you for all your continued support. We wish you all an amazing Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2017!

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