Team building ideas at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre

31 July 2017

The phrase ‘Team Building’ can often send shivers down the spines of employees, however it can be so much more than an awkward afternoon of ice breakers in the office.

Based on their needs as a business, companies nowadays book team building events for their staff either as a reward or an incentive, even to help develop office relationships and increase morale.

With 60 acres of Parkland and formal gardens, the Berkshire County Council venue Easthampstead Park Conference Centre is the perfect place to undertake your next team building day. The venue offers such a flexibility with the land, you will be spoilt for choice on which activity to choose!

To assist you with the decision, we thought we would give you an insight into our most popular team building events at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre.


Archery has proved to be really popular over the last year or so, perhaps due to hype of Game of Thrones and the like! Archery has been used for centuries in competition, so why not put your skills to the test against your colleagues? It’s surprisingly easy to get the hang of! Allow your instructor to turn you into the next Robin Hood or Maid Marian (green tights optional!)

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Duck Herding

Duck herding is a hilarious team building activity, where guests try to control the dogs and herd the ducks through an obstacle course, under instruction from a top sheepdog handler. This activity is good for teamwork and logic, however it’s also good if you just want your staff to have a good giggle! There are other animal related activities you can do such as ferret racing and falconry, which are just as entertaining!

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Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Using de-activated 12 bore shotguns fitted with laser technology, it is possible to experience the thrill of clay shooting without the expense and danger of the original sport. It’s an activity which can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s the same as real clay shooting, except you don’t experience the kick-back like you would from a regular shotgun. It can also be operated in many more locations than regular clay shooting. It can be done on its own, or combined with a similar activity and is great fun!

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Segways are two-wheeled, self-balancing, environmentally friendly machines which take riding to a whole new level. The Segway requires no special skills as it takes care of the balancing, and virtually anyone can use one. With street based and off road machines available, there are a multitude of activities Segways can be used for. They are a perfect and fun way to explore the 60 acres at Easthampstead Park

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Crystal Maze

Based on the hit TV show, Crystal Maze is a team building event where teams compete in a range of games and challenges in order to win the most crystals, for the end task in the dome! The teams visit activity zones categorized as Physical, Mental, Mystery and Skill. The challenges are varied to suit all skill levels and are designed to encourage communication, logic, problem solving and time management. The more crystals teams earn, the more time they will have in the finale. In a fun and exciting finale, teams enter the inflatable crystal dome where they work against the clock to collect as many of the gold tickets as they can! It’s a really fun and energetic activity and is currently our most popular team building activity.

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This is just a handful of the Team Building that we can do at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, the list really could go on and on! It certainly is a venue that should be considered for your next company away day!

For any enquires to host your event at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre please contact their very helpful Events team:

01189 74 75 76

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