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31 October 2017

Set in 130 Grade II listed beautiful country side of the Berkshire-Hampshire border, is the Grade I listed mansion Warbrook House Hotel.

Organising over 1000 events a year, from private celebrations, conferences and weddings, Warbrook is most definitely a venue that can cater for all.

It is a common misconception that team building can only take place outside in a field, on a warm Summer’s day. However, this assumption could not be more from the truth! So, we have decided to provide you with some suggestions that we know work extremely well at Warbook House during those wet, windy and chilly Winter months.

Art Masterpiece

Perfect for inside the Garden Suite Marquee, with its light ambience to give you a creative and open mind, we would suggest our Art Masterpiece. The whole group must replicate a giant size masterpiece. They will be split into teams of 6 to 8 and each team completes a section of the final artwork. We would recommend putting your delegates into teams before the activity, just so we can make sure we get the most out of the time that we are given. Making the giant size masterpiece is not as easy as it sounds, as information is needed to be collected, alongside the paint in order to achieve this. Working as a team and communicating is key to making your section of the painting a work of art! Participants do not have to be artistic to join in and there is something for everyone. Seeing all sections come together for the final result can be quite breath taking and teams are amazed at what they have achieved. As part of the overall challenge, teams will need to complete a series of mini challenges. These challenges involve logical quizzes, puzzles, mental challenges, visual tasks and even some engineering. The theme of the artwork can be suggested by our experts, or we can of course discuss this with you beforehand and link it into your meeting agenda.

Bake That

Another great event for inside the Garden Suite Marquee, would be our ‘Back That’ team build. The Marquee is the perfect setting for teams to get creative and perfect their signature bake. This is a cookery activity where you and your team will have a go at making and decorating their own sweet treats! All teams can get as creative as they would like by taking part in the nation’s favourite activity of the moment – baking! Each team will have their own cooking station, with mini oven, as well as recipe cards and all the necessary equipment they will need to help them create their team treats.

Our expert chefs will be there to offer advice, tips and techniques, so everyone can be confident that they can achieve something delicious and different, no matter how bad a cook they may think they are! All teams are given different recipes, so that the group produces a range of cakes and treats. This for example can include petit fours, macaroons, fruit tarts, fondant fancies, lemon meringues, cookies, cupcakes and many more! This activity can also be themed for the festive period... a perfect way to get people in the mood before the holiday season!

Cocktail making

For more of an intimate evening team build the Drawing room would be a perfect function space for our Cocktail Making. This is a fully interactive team build, which encourages all teams to battle it out head to head behind our stylish mobile cocktail bars. With detailed instruction and knowledge from some of the UK’s leading cocktail performers, it sure is an activity that will leave delegates wanting to try out their new found skills at home! Groups should be prepared for some serious fun whilst they learn how to mix the perfect cocktail and serve in style. From bottle juggling to front bar skills, this really isn’t like any other cocktail making they would have done before….

Loony Balloons

The Gallery at Warbrook House, is the perfect setting for our very creative Looney Balloons activity. It provides an ideal blank canvas for which will certainly turn out to be a very colourful and creative team building activity. This is a perfect activity to work as an energiser before your afternoon conference session to bring the energy back into the room. Teams will learn the art of balloon modelling, before working together to create a masterpiece! The teams will start by learning professional techniques to balloon modelling, such as bending, coiling and the many different types of twist (tricks that we are sure will now become new party tricks outside of work too!) Once teams are confident with their new found skills, the build will begin! Again, like many of our activities, this can of course be themed to suite any theme that the conference has or we can leave the theme up to our experts. Either way, it really is an activity that leaves many people taking a new skill home and one that many feel they would like to participate in again.

This is just a handful of the indoor team building activities that we can do inside at Warbrook House Hotel, the list really could go on and on! It certainly is a venue that should be considered for your next company away day!

For any enquires to host your event at Warbrook House Hotel please contact their very helpful Events team:

0118 973 2174

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