Giles Chance For Hire

Giles Chance is a professor at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. He is a leading expert on Chinese business, and on China’s new role in the world.

He is an adept and experienced keynote speaker on subjects ranging from business and finance to emerging markets and economics.

Giles’s experience in China over the last 20 years has given him a unique perspective on the aspirations of the Chinese people and the difficulties that China faces, as China emerges fully into the world economy as a major economic and political player.

Giles’ book published in 2009, describes how China’s emergence in the 1990’s played a key role in establishing the economic conditions which led to the global credit crisis of 2007-08. The book analyses China’s new global role after the crisis in relation to a number of key topics which include the future role of the US dollar, and the future of relations between China, America, the emerging world, and Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Between 1989 and 1996, Giles advised many large Western companies in China, including Barclays Bank, Vodafone, Rolls-Royce, Littlewoods, Marks and Spencer, Boots and many others. He also completed over 70 sales of Western technology to Chinese companies, in fields as diverse as submarine communications, transfer lines for machining auto parts, submersible pumps and black box recording systems for civil aircraft.

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