Imran Ahmad For Hire

Imran Ahmad is best known as the author of the highly acclaimed Unimagined – a Muslim boy meets the West, which is already being taught as English Literature at academic institutions.

Unimagined was chosen by no less than three major newspapers (Independent, Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald) in their ‘best books of the year’ lists. This unique and moving book has propelled Imran to some of the world’s most prestigious literary festivals, where he always wows the audience.

Imran is a compelling and entertaining speaker, and received rave reviews from the audiences of his US tour – some suggesting that he should have been a stand-up comedian or an actor.

His account of the path to publication and the stubborn determination it required – whilst still doing his demanding, corporate ‘day job’ – is an enlightening and laugh-out-loud motivational and inspirational story, with many lessons about making assumptions and seizing opportunities.

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