Steve Parry For Hire

Steve Parry is the man who has determinedly taught 80,000 underprivileged kids to swim – so far!

With a business empire spreading into the realm of gymnastics, alongside Beth Tweddle, his off-the-wall idea of setting up temporary sports centres in deprived areas is equipping disadvantaged kids across the UK with the basic and invaluable advantage of swimming skills.

As Managing Director of Total Swimming, a company that is at the forefront of innovating the swimming space across the UK, Steve’s business brain is as competitive and purposeful as his athletic brawn.

Contrary to expectation, Steve Parry is not the traditional Olympian, regaling audiences with tales of blood, sweat and his bronze medal. His entrepreneurial spirit - brimming with social responsibility, original implementation, and building on the fabric of a common purpose – makes him the after dinner speaker who lights up a room, and the corporate keynote who imparts valuable lessons of goal-setting, leadership, teamwork and success.

Genuine, warm, humble and funny, Steve fell into TV presenting almost by accident. He was called to the Beijing Olympics when the original presenter pulled out, and was instantly comfortable with a microphone in his hand and a camera in his face and is now one of the most popular presenting faces on BBC Sport and Five Live.

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