Frances Edmonds For Hire

When The Times voted Frances Edmonds as Britain’s most entertaining female after-dinner speaker, the best-selling author and communications expert had reached the pinnacle of a highly successful career.

A modern-languages Cambridge graduate, Frances joined the Commission of the European Union in Brussels as an interpreter, where she was responsible for breaking down barriers between the heads of state and ensuring the smooth communication of the most senior figures from every country at their World Economic Summits.

The pressure of time, high level content and VIPs, only encouraged Frances to perform to the best of her abilities and created the momentum she needed to be her best – a lesson she imparts to businesses who feel they flounder under pressure.

Her broadcasting career was a natural progression and drew on the skill she demonstrated in thriving under the pressure of a ‘live’ event.

Frances was elected as an Honorary Fellow of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs, as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Founder Member and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association.

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