Multimedia Conference Production

Stunning video production and imaginative audio visual effects are a key way to create a unique and memorable conference.

From the design and concept through to complete implementation, we can supply camera crews to record your event or relay it live to projection screens, as well as streaming the highlights live on the world wide web. Our skilled and highly reputable AV department has produced a variety of projects including corporate videos, conference inserts and promotional tools on both DVD and CD-Rom format.

Consider the power of a professionally produced video with stunning graphics and animations at your next product launch or conference. We can also produce highly impressive tailored CD-Roms containing up to date product information.

Live Camera Relay and Event Recording

Single or multiple cameras at your event to record for future showing/editing or live relay onto projection screens, monitors or plasma screens. 

Single and Multi Camera Filming

Similar to the above, this is more useful for a conference, party, fashion show, product launch, roadshow or conference insert.

Videoclips and Soundbites For Speaker Assist

Short video inserts pre-filmed and edited. Designed for presentations, conferences, and live events. CD Rom, DVD and Multimedia Production Video graphics, animations, text, price lists, product specifications, all of which can be put onto varying formats to enhance usability. 

Encoding for DVD and Web

Encoding of video and audio to strict requirements to enable inclusion in DVD presentations or streaming from websites. 

Themed Videos for Exhibitions and Promotions

Please telephone for further details.

Graphics and 2D/3D Animation

For Video use, exhibition displays, CD-R, DVD, web, company logos/idents etc..

Video Conferencing and Interactive Media

Meetings held nationally or internationally, coupled with camera crews, video playback, graphics etc..

Live and Post Web Streaming

Live streaming of an event onto the Internet for immediate delivery or edited and downloaded to a secure server for access after the event.