Voting Keypads for Hire, Voting Keypads for Events

We have developed one of the most reliable and comprehensive interactive electronic voting and audience response systems on the market today.

Blue-chip companies, government departments, major charities and organisations use our flexible audience response systems to enhance their external client and internal communication events.

We have three packages on offer:

Package 1: Voting Only

Each delegate is given a credit card sized keypad. Throughout your presentations we can insert any number of multiple choice questions – enabling instant feedback through the voting handsets. The voting system enables interactive questions, feedback, quizzes, silent auction technology and much more… Responses can either be shown live on the event projection system or, for more secure data, can be stored for post-event analysis.

Anonymous Voting (keypads are not identified)

Identified Voting (responses can be isolated by individual and groups)

Package 2: Voting and Texting Systems

Each delegate has a Standard Sized Keypad with display screen. Throughout your event they can vote (as above) or text in their questions or feedback. This is an extremely powerful and flexible system.

Anonymous Voting & Texting (keypads or not identified)

Identified Voting & Texting (responses are isolated by individual and group)

Package 3: Voting, Texting and Live Microphone Q&A Sytem

As per package 2 with the additional advantage of being able to use the handsets as Q&A mics. This is fully integrated within our conference sound production. 

Anonymous Voting, Texting & Live Mics (keypads are not identified)

Identified Voting, Texting & Live Mics

We have utilised these systems widely across Europe and the Middle East and can cater for up to 4000 handsets at any one event. 


We work closely with you prior to the event to ensure that data is collected in a meaningful way. Using your event powerpoint template we will create specific question slides to match your theme. Results can be shown in tabular form or displayed with simple percentages. You can also access individual participant responses. 


Message Manager keeps a valuable record of all responses for post-event analysis and follow-up.

Contact us today at Firebird Events for further information on our conference production packages and voting keypads.