Debra Searle For Hire

Debra Searle is honest, warm and funny. She's a businesswoman, TV presenter and proud owner of a mental strength and determination that inspires and motivates all who meet her.

Debra's overwhelming positivity and 'go for it' attitude are contagious, while her modesty is endearing. She regularly delivers both motivational presentations and after dinner speeches using her story to powerfully but subtly draw out key business and personal lessons.

"I was considered the weakest competitor in the Atlantic Rowing Race. I couldn't row before signing up for the event, I was the smallest competitor by far, and I was scared of deep water, the dark and sharks." Debra Searle

When Debra's partner left her alone at sea the sceptics gave her two days tops. Some would say the odds were stacked skyscraper high against Debra rowing the Atlantic solo. Yet she dared to believe and 111 days later she rowed into Port St Charles, Barbados, to a rapturous welcome from friends, family, supporters and the world's media.

Debra powerfully illustrates with slides and stunning video footage and leaves her audience in no doubt of their own ability to achieve the extraordinary.

Furthermore, Debra sets herself apart from other speakers by her level of commitment to each project. Taking the time to ensure she fully understands the audience, conference themes and gathering company and industry specific information allows her to tailor her presentation to your exact requirements. This same level of commitment is carried through to the event where she makes every effort to speak to delegates on a one-to-one basis.

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