Tom Avery For Hire

Tom Avery is an explorer with a passion for adventure, he is an exciting and entertaining keynote speaker.

Tom has the ability to speak about his explorations in a way that will relate to corporate audiences due to his former career as an accountant.

In 2000, Tom led a British expedition on a 20-mile mountain range, which ran along the Chinese border. When he had returned from his adventures in central Asia, Tom decided that he would travel to the South Pole and started to plan his trip. He had dreamed of this expedition since he was young and after two years planning he was finally ready for the Commonwealth South Pole Centenary Expedition. The team began their 705 mile journey, they battled severe weather conditions as well as frostbite and altitude sickness but it was worth it when they completed the expedition on the 28th of December 2002.

Tom’s other big expedition was the Barclays Capital Ultimate North, where the team followed Robert Percy’s route from 1909 to prove that it was not an impossible. In 2015 Tom broke the record for the fastest crossing of Greenland knocking more than eight days off the previous record.

Tom tells inspiring stories of his mountaineering experiences which cater to all ages of men and women. He speaks about leadership skills and what it takes to overcome extreme challenges, topics which are relevant to corporations.

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