Kate Humble For Hire

Kate Humble has worked on a wide variety of TV programmes and is adept at conference facilitation and awards hosting.

She is especially suited for events geared around the environment, wildlife, science and sustainability.

In 1997 she joined the BBC, working on ‘Animal Hospital’ and then joining the ‘Holiday Programme’, where she was asked to present her first report. She continued working both behind and in front of the camera until in 1999 a ten year obsession got the better of her and she left to travel 1500kms through the Sahara desert on foot and camel. On her return she continued presenting programmes for the BBC including ‘Tomorrow’s World’, ‘Animal Park’ and ‘Rough Science’.

The immensely popular and successful ‘Springwatch’ followed, along with ‘Amazon Abyss’, ‘Wild in Africa’ and ‘Seawatch’. She continues to present a number of science and natural history programmes for the BBC, including ‘Climate Change: Britain Under Threat’, ‘Wild in California’ ‘Springwatch’ and ‘Autumnwatch’.

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