Sue Barker For Hire

Formerly Britain's number one tennis player and number three in the world rankings, Sue Barker is now the UK's leading female sports presenters and an extraordinarily popular and much loved celebrity.

Sue Barker reached her peak in her tennis career in 1976 when she was ranked Number 3 in the world and won The French Open. Sue still maintains close links with the sport socially as well as via her broadcasting career.

Sue's broadcasting career began in Australia in 1985, followed by BSB and Sky Sports. She made her BBC debut in 1993, co-presenting the evening programme from Wimbledon on BBC One with Harry Carpenter. Such was her success that she was soon presenting other major sports events such as the Winter Olympic Games and Grandstand in 1994, the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and major tennis tournaments.

Sue also hosts the BBC's very popular quiz programme 'A Question of Sport'. Since Sue's arrival with Ally McCoist and John Parrott many years ago, the programme has grown from less than 4 million viewers to a consistent figure of around 10 million.

Sue's personality and professionalism also make her one of the busiest presenters and award hosts on the live corporate event circuit.

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