Josh Spear For Hire

Intelligent and insightful, marketing strategist Josh Spear is ground-breaking in his thinking and influential in his strategic ideas.

In his blog he showcases the thoughts of international writers, who specialise in pinpointing and analysing trends in digital media and design.

Josh's New York-based consultancy applies a digital worldview to the challenges and ambitions of complex corporate organisations. It creates strategies for deeper, lasting online relationships -including new models to measure performance in emerging environments. As well as advising some of the world's biggest brands, it also works as a think-tank on the influence of technology on all aspects of human behaviour.

In his unique and inspiring presentations, Josh encourages businesses to equip themselves with the tools that will allow them to make the most of all the internet can offer. His dissects the contributing factors to internet-based success and defines how products are best positioned online, in line with ever-changing movements.

Alternatively, Josh can explore and explain the power of technology in a collective sense and how knowledge can be sheared within a company, using more than simply emails.

Nominated as a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Josh has been profiled and cited The New York Times and Time Magazine, and is one of the most sought after keynote speakers for international corporations.

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