Michael Acton Smith For Hire

Michael Acton Smith is the dynamic young entrepreneur who founded the popular gadget company Firebox.

The internet based gadget shop Firebox.com is an internationally recognized household name, offering funky, innovative and quirky gadgets from around the world. The company now turns over in excess of £10 million, but it has not always been plain sailing for the young entrepreneur that co-founded the company, originally named Hot Box.

At University, Michael and his friends hit upon the idea of launching their own web based games company. In 1998. With £1000 cash given to them by Michael’s mother and using the free attic of one of their parents, Hot Box was launched.

The biggest breakthrough in their success came from the “Shot Glass Chess Set”, an idea that was born during a drunken night at the Union Bar. In 1998 the company moved to London and having made a startling discovery about another company called Hot Box, the pair rebranded and Firebox.com was born.

Today, following the immense success of Firebox and his latest equally quirky company Mind Candy, Michael is often asked to share his success stories with the corporate sector, as one can expect of a young gifted entrepreneur, Michael’s presentation style is fun, enthusiastic and has a powerful underlying message of overcoming obstacles, sailing through the turbulent times and never giving up on the dream.

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