Robin Sieger For Hire

The former Head of Light Entertainment Development at BBC Television, Robin has a reputation of delivering high content and high value speeches customised to the client's specific needs.

His instructive examples, humour and ‘hands on’ experience as a businessman, ensures that delegates can and want to apply the skills and strategies for success they have heard.

In a world where companies and individuals must adapt to change to survive and thrive, Robin’s powerful messages of goal setting, leadership and teamwork ensures that they believe they can succeed and reach the next level.

Robin is the author of the best selling book 'Natural Born Winners' (published by Random House) a book which has been acknowledged as a blue print for success. It has been published in over 60 countries including Italy, Germany, Japan and China and translated into 11 languages.

His company runs internal and external training programmes on leadership, future vision, strategy and developing the potential of an organisation. Through the creation of a culture which embraces a powerful ‘can do’ approach - everything is possible.

Robin's desire to create the company began over twenty years ago whilst he was being treated for cancer. During this time, Robin became fascinated by the notion that success and happiness were not acts of random chance. His extensive research in the common principles of success showed him that it is not the way people work, but critically how they think that makes the difference. This understanding on the nature of success was the catalyst for the creation of the Natural Born Winners™ programme, helping people and businesses achieve new levels of productivity, performance and self-confidence.

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