BJ Cunningham For Hire

BJ Cunningham is a serial entrepreneur and council member of Business Superbrands.

He demonstrates through experience and knowledge that authentic branding is vital to building and retaining customer loyalty. He is a humorous and erudite keynote speaker, and talks about business, marketing and branding.

BJ's first enterprise was born during his teens. He imported classic cars and Harley Davidsons from LA to London - with great success until the market collapsed!

Armed with considerable debt, BJ's next move was to launch DEATH Cigarettes - positioned as 'the honest smoke'. He gained such a foothold that the company found itself taking on the combined might of the industry. Then, with a growing reputation for challenging norms, BJ set up a brand marketing agency with clients including Volkswagen, B&Q and Nokia.

BJ focusses on his belief that businesses are like people. Each one of us is made up of three separate perspectives: 1. How we perceive ourselves, 2. How others perceive us, and 3. How we want to be perceived. In other words a business must know what it stands for, say it with clarity and do what it says.

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