Martin McCourt For Hire

With a focus on innovation, change and turnaround, leadership and talent management, Former Chief Executive of Dyson, Martin McCourt, sees business through the eyes of a creative and experienced business leader.

An unassuming qualified cartographer from Glasgow, Martin’s curiosity about big brands led him to Mars in the late 70’s and then Duracell. Stimulated by new environments, and invigorated by his steady climb up the corporate ranks, Martin was headhunted by Toshiba as a general Manager in the product division.

Vacuum cleaners were not on his wish list of products to work with, and he had never heard of Dyson, but an inspirational encounter with founder James Dyson turned into the opportunity that propelled Martin to the highest echelons of global business management. Aspiring to be a market leader, Martin was brought on to take the company to international success.

Martin and Dyson worked together for 15 years, during which time he transformed the company from focussing on one product in a single market to a large global business with 80 per cent of its sales outside of the UK.

Martin’s influence at Dyson enabled James Dyson to continue inventing ground-breaking products, while Martin focussed on growing the business. Transferring manufacturing to Asia and increasing the sales of products and technologies into global markets was a difficult process but ultimately his courage and ingenuity garnered Martin international acclaim as a world business leader.

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