Lesley Abdela For Hire

Lesley Abdela MBE is a British expert on women's rights and representation and is the winner of the ‘2009 UK Woman Political Journalist of the Year’.

She has worked as an adviser in 40 different countries to governments and the European Commission. She is also a journalist, broadcaster, public speaker and women's rights campaigner.

Lesley has had experience as a civilian working in post-conflict Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Aceh Indonesia and Nepal, as well as a journalist. She is an expert consultant advising governments, international organisations and civil society on democracy, women’s human rights and gender.

Lesley started her career as an advertising executive, then researcher in the House of Commons, House of Lords and stood for parliament. Her award winning work spans over 20 years in the fields of gender, human rights, human resources and democratic empowerment.

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