Geoff Burch For Hire

Geoff Burch is one of the most original business 'gurus' in the UK. He is flexible and he provides an extraordinarily high level of excitement and delight.

He delivers challenging presentations in a hilarious, thought-provoking, and memorable way where even the dullest business subject is turned into an exciting roller coaster ride that leaves the audience thrilled and convinced.

Geoff will do everything possible to make your event a great success. He requires briefing materials in advance, to prepare meticulously. He will study the profile of the audience, the market in which they work, the competition they face, and how to exploit the advantages they have.

His power to make any organisation believe in itself and to establish and maintain the motivation to succeed, is central to his presentation. He liaises with the production people regarding the sound and lighting - especially when using the bike!

Geoff's unconventional image does not hide the fact that he has a powerful business message, which can benefit absolutely any client-focused organisation. His credentials are impressive. He's worked with BT, Barclays, Lloyds, the CBI, Consumers' Association, Prudential, Phillips, ABTA and numerous other companies to present, motivate and train.

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