Lynne Franks For Hire

Lynne is the creator of SEED empowerment programmes for women and she is an experienced keynote speaker on the subject of women in business and women’s lifestyles.

Lynne’s first business venture was her PR company ‘Lynne Franks PR’, a company she started at the age of twenty-one. Through hard work and determination, Lynne grew ‘Lynne Franks PR’ to become one of the world’s most recognised PR agencies, helping to improve public relations for non-profit organisations around the world.

Having spent years in the PR industry, Lynne decided it was time to try something new and became a public speaker, focusing on the way in which the world is changing for individuals and for society. Lynne Founded a company called SEED, which stand for Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics. Lynne has become an ambassador for women in business through SEED and she has developed SEED programmes which are taught to both private and public sectors, helping to change women’s lives in a positive way.

Her extensive knowledge of business and the work she has done through SEED has resulted in her becoming a sought after keynote speaker on changes within our society and the role of women. Lynne is an intelligent and engaging speaker and will deliver a speech that will keep the audience interested throughout.

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