Marc Hogan For Hire

From sales and communication skills trainer to stand-up comedian in less than 9 months, Marc Hogan fuses psychology, common sense, and humour with real life business examples and tales from the comedy circuit that engage with any audience.

Marc’s only weapon in the cut throat world of comedy was his 7 Keys for Success, developed during 10 years of business experience. His journey into comedy, complete with setbacks, triumphs and even a few tears and tantrums, shows just how the skills of stand-up comedy can help you change the way you do business.

Funny Business, a 60 minute inspirational and exhilarating speech, will take you and your organisation on a hilarious journey that reveals the home truths of business and comedy, leaving you with a set of practical skills for business and life.

An ex-sales and marketing professional with over 10 years experience, Marc’s S.A.L.E.S. and Inspirational Communication programmes have inspired audiences across the UK to improve their communication and influencing skills. They love his unique approach to personal and business achievement underpinned by his 7 Keys for Success.

Depending upon audience size and organisational requirements, the S.A.L.E.S. system can be delivered as either an inspiring 90 minute keynote speech or for those looking for more in-depth knowledge it can be learnt over a one or two day training event.

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