Andy Pag For Hire

Andy Pag is an accomplished and informative keynote speaker who focuses on the topics of sustainability and environmentalism.‚Äč

He is well known for his famous two year trip around the world in a school bus fuelled by cooking oil.

Andy has contributed a lot of his time to finding ways for the world to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. His journeys, including the school bus world tour and a trip to Timbuktu in a lorry powered by chocolate are his way of raising awareness for his cause. In his speeches he focuses on his eco-adventures to tell audiences what they taught him about sustainability and how we can achieve a more sustainable world.

Andy is a talented story-teller and he speaks in detail about his two year trip and his decision to fuel a school bus with cooking oil, he expected the journey to end in disaster, however it was a success and Andy puts this down to the amazing people he met along the way and helped him in times of need.

Before he became an advocate for sustainability and environmentalism, Andy was a journalist and a TV producer. He brings humour into his talks when telling the audience his stories, however he also focuses on the series message behind his adventures which is of course sustainability.

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