Lucy Cooke For Hire

With an infectious passion for championing the underdog, wildlife presenter Lucy is considered by some as a young David Attenborough.

Inspired by the man himself, her blogs, films, and TV shows demonstrate her trademark humour and quirky storytelling style to deliver a serious message: If we only care for the best known and best loved species, crucial parts of the web of life will vanish.

Only Lucy can convince an audience that she’s met sloths that look exactly like each member of The Beatles, and only Lucy can turn an audience of cynics into gooey doe-eyed sloth lovers – all ready to pledge allegiance to the Sloth Appreciation Society.

Lucy’s BBC One series ‘Animals Unexpected’ and ‘Nature’s Boldest Thieves’ are in production, and see Lucy exploring surreal stories of animals in human spaces.

As an immersive journalist, Lucy’s presenting style is honest, lively and warm, and has garnered industry acclaim following the success of her 2014 BBC One debut, ‘Talk to the Animals’.

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