Lucy Siegle For Hire

Lucy Siegle is one of the UK’s most recognisable opinion forming journalists and specialises in ethical consumerism and environmental and social justice issues. She dedicates much of her time to spreading the word about their value.

Lucy has worked across all UK channels on different formats and themes, but her connection to The One Show has been her most high profile vehicle. She has used her knowledge and experience to present hundreds of films on subjects ranging from the popularity of naked photoshoots to rescuing trout. Not averse to discussing current affairs or politics, Lucy’s appeal is wide-ranging and impressive.

Lucy and Livia Firth founded The Green Carpet Challenge. Together they have worked extensively with some of the biggest names in the fashion arena to bring the issue of sustainable style to mainstream fashion events – namely and most impressively the Oscars. The pair launched a collection of handbags for Gucci at Paris fashion Week for which the leather was sourced from the world's first accredited zero deforestation manufacturers in Brazil.

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