Herringbone Cocktail Club Band , The Ultimate Roaming Band

The Herringbone Cocktail Club is a new breed of roaming band. Smartly attired and featuring charismatic performers, they move amongst your guests creating a magical atmosphere but, unlike other roaming bands, they have a variety of amplification options, ensuring the volume and distribution of sound is perfectly matched to your event. Two of the four members of the band work as professional sound engineers, so you can rest assured that the final product will be crisp and clean.

This band’s versatility makes them one of the current leading bands and they are perfect for all events, all spaces and all setups, so whatever you envisage, these guys can meet your expectations. Their roaming acoustic option is perfect for drinks receptions and dinners for clients who do not want the volume or hassle of a full, amplified band. Performing a variety of medleys, mashups and classic songs that are sure to have people of all ages rushing to put on their dancing shoes.