Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band For Hire

MoonDance provide a truly unique ceilidh experience. Imagine the accessibility of traditional dance music combined with power of rock and funk music. Unlike many ‘electric’ barn dance bands, the sound is more than just an acoustic folk band grafted onto a pub-rock rhythm section. The music has been developed as true fusion of the best of traditional and modern dance rhythms. The band line-up is usually a five-piece featuring the electric guitar, electric fiddle, electric bass, kit drums and a top caller. The group can field up to a nine piece or slim down to a four piece as required. The band includes players from such ground-breaking groups as The Cluster of Nuts Band, Blue Horses and Celtish, you can be assured of the very best in ceilidh / barn dance music.

The band works with some of the UK's finest dance callers and can thus ensure that the audience will be in the best possible hands, an essential element if everyone is going to have a good time. The caller is well versed in running an enjoyable evening and will select dances to suit the ability of the audience. The band is a stalwart of the burgeoning 'e-ceilidh' movement, a mix of English & Celtic social dance where the 'dancing' is more important than getting it 'right' and the purpose is to party - truly harmony in motion.

The core of the band is made of:

Brian Heywood (electric guitar)
Originally hailing from Australia, Brian cut his musical teeth playing with the top Sydney band Bluetongue. Since arriving in England he has played in a number of rock and folk/rock outfits such as The Cluster of Nuts Band as well as in more mainstream rock and blues bands. Brian has appeared at many music festivals around the UK as well as releasing a number of recordings. 

Siân Phillips (fiddle)
Siân is a fifth generation fiddle player with roots back to the chapel fiddlers of the Swansea Valleys. Her professional career has seen her perform at festivals, concerts, workshops and seminars throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. She has played with The Constitution Hillbillies, Heather Jones, Meic Stevens, Wild Welsh Women. She currently plays with the Wild Green and The Quiet Men as well as MoonDance. 

Brian Jenking (bass guitar)
Brian plays in an amazingly wide range of styles including jazz, blues, rock, pop, latin and country. 

Mike Vishnick (kit drums)
Mike brings an incredible level of energy to the band as well as a great deal of percussive showmanship


Liz Scholey
A performer and producer in her own right she has performed all over the world in dance troupes and directed her own. Both a qualified dance instructor and dancer Liz brings her proven skills of introducing people at all levels of skill and ability to the world of dance. 

Fee Lock
The only rock chick caller on the folk circuit, Fee spices up her unerring eye for what the dance floor wants by pogo-ing up and down between cut-glass enunciations. Favourite after danceable favourite spiked with unusual new dances make for an entertaining evening. 

Dawn Webb
Dawn is a relative newcomer to calling but her amazing enthusiasm, raw energy and lively style are amazingly effective at getting everyone involved. When she calls with the band we can also add covers, Irish or country songs to the set. As well as being a vocalist in several bands, Dawn has travelled extensively throughout the UK with musical theatre shows, performed in Old Time Music Hall, street theatre, pantomime, fringe theatre plays and has run her own theatre company both writing and directing shows 

Alison Heywood (also saxophone, whistle and keyboards)
Alison is our 'in house' caller and draws on her experience as a keen dancer. Ali takes a lot of care to match the tunes to the dances. Alison was a founder member of the acclaimed folk rock band Cluster of Nuts Band in the late seventies.

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