Fighting Knights Medieval Knights For Hire

Our stunt teams are proud to say when it comes to the skills at arms of the medieval knights, no one can match the speed and dexterity with which our performers will amaze everyone as they join swords for chivalry's sake. Perfect for your banquet or similar function, why not let us transport your guests back through the centuries with a clash of steel that cannot be beaten?

Whether a fight for a ladies honour, a duel between Sir Lancelot and Mordred or the traditional St George versus the Turkish Knight, we can provide you with "a great display with bone crunching realism that will really get the audience going". 

Throughout the evening the knights can be available for many duties: guard of honour for your VIP's, meeting and greeting at the door or simply mingling with your guests to add more colour and spectacle to the event (photo opportunity). 

We take you back to a medieval court as the knights parade round in front of the assembled court and lay their grievances before the Knight Marshal. He orders trial by combat and the combatants move amongst the crowd, choosing favours from the fairest maidens in the land.

With a variety of weapons, battle commences, we can stage several fights within one performance with up to 8 knights or have two antagonists. The first fight usually ends in a draw, being more of a show of arms than actual combat to the death, with the more chivalrous knight being wronged in some way. His disreputable opponent is severely chastised and banished. As he leaves the room he swears revenge and vows to return. 

With a great deal of noise (and hopefully boos and jeers from the audience) the banished knight returns and demands that his honour is satisfied, his name be cleared. The Marshal announces a fight to the death and the battling knights take centre stage to finish off the evenings entertainment with a whirlwind display of flashing swords, flails, maces and axes. But who will triumph in the end? Let us add that special something to your event and find out!


PDF Our Fighting Knights Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.