Jon Hicks Comedy Art, The International Man of Artistry For Hire

The Show

Rapid fire performances of a panoply of outsized artworks. Maybe a sculpture, probably a landscape, definitely a portrait and indisputably the Jackson Pollocks. With perfect timing to music and featuring the legendary, awesome, upside down delight of a big finish. This International Man of Artistry has made his brush mark at events worldwide with paper, panache, pens, poise, paint, cardboard in his truly unique shows. Jon has three meticulously rehearsed shows, choreographed to music and providing the powerful spectacle of an artist in action.


Jon studied Fine Art to degree level at art college in the 1980's. He also worked as a pavement artist throughout Britain in the late eighties and early 90's and is still producing works to commission. He also worked as a scenicartist since 1993, producing work for film, television and the music industry. He now focuses on his performances, having developed a new sculptural element over 2004 with the assistance of Arts Council funding.


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