Predatron Robot Special FX Robot Show For Hire

Predatron is a jaw dropping special FX Robot show now available to the events industry. If your looking to create the biggest impact for your special function, let Predatron take centre stage and stun your audience with a mind blowing FX show that will leave your guests talking about your production for days after.

This explosive, high energy 20 minute act is a real treat for the senses, you not only see it, you hear it and feel it. Predatron takes "engage with the audience" to a whole new level. Predatron is capable of delivering a stunning laser and light show to any venue, just witnessing the mesmerising laser FX firing from a futuristic android will astonish anyone viewing. But the excitement does not stop there! Predatron will then unleash huge pyrotechnic effects, engulf your audience with Ice cannon blasts and fill the venue with confetti explosions, all professionally choreographed to fire at key parts of your event.

"Simply brilliant, the show was exciting and seem to build and build, will never forget the crowds screams when Predatron fired the Pyrotechnics, will definitely be booking again in the future"

"The response from the 2000 crowd to a 9ft tall, glowing robot was incredible, all the guests had their phones out filming and they couldn't take their eyes off it, an awesome effect to the night"

That was amazing, the atmosphere instantly created inside the venue was electric, we have spent fortunes on superstar DJ's and celebrity appearances and none have generated an atmosphere like that"


PDF Our Predatron Robot Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.