Divas and Tenors Incognito Singing Waiters

Three performers, dressed in full venue attire pretend to be a waiter, venue manager and head chef. The waiter proceeds up to a microphone…'Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome, it is traditional for our venue to welcome you in style'. The waiter bursts into a very poor rendition, embarrassing all around. Up comes the venue manager, appalled by the show, explaining that the venue is supposed to create a good impression. 'This is what it should be like…' The manager then produces a stunning aria from a well known opera. Finally the chef appears, wondering what is holding up main course, and a heated banter pursues. The three compete in an international singing competition, with incredible and powerful renditions of classical and contemporary epics, with a style and presence that is unparalleled.

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They Swing Incognito Rat Pack Show

The evening revolves around a femme fatale nightclub singer (Samantha…Sammy Davis) and her two 'incognito' accomplices Dean and Frank. The show is a stunning mix of popular swing hits, big band classics and the best of the Rat Pack. The Act's climax is a sensational and moving rendition of the immortal 'My Way' which, in true Tenors & Divas Incognito style, guarantees to leave you wanting more.

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Dancers Incognito

Dance Show Dancers Incognito is a truly unique and brilliantly choreographed performance for parties. Under the guise of a professional dancer a few simple dance moves are demonstrated to the audience with the help of a 'volunteer'. A passionate Flamenco solo, followed by a tap routine to rival Fred Astaire, and a Ricky Martin salsa leads into a feast of dance fever. This culminates in a mega-mix of dance and party hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s that will have the audience up on their feet strutting their stuff on the dance floor.

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