Jamie Afro Archer X Factor Act For Hire

Since Jamie's first X Factor UK audition “Where he sang Kings Of Leon's 'Sex On Fire'” was broadcast on UK television, it has been viewed more than 17 million times on You tube, with his performance coming in third on an official poll for the most impressive X Factor auditions ever. He became a firm favourite throughout the show as he progressed on to the live finals of the show and was mentored by Simon Cowell.

More about Jamie:

Jamie Archer, has been writing and performing for a long period before his rise to fame. Then called 'The New Revolutions' , Jamie with a small band built up a strong reputation on the London circuit of small venues for memorable and exciting live shows, playing a blend of originals and covers, and quickly “by word of mouth” became one of acts everyone wanted to see live and talked about. 

In between Jamie's recent X Factor commitments, he has been in the studio, busy writing songs to bring a fresh rock based sound to a market that they and many believe needs refreshing. Jamie recently commented "It has been a very long difficult journey at times, getting to the point we are at now with the songs. But we and everyone around us are so excited with them and how they are sounding. It sometimes takes everything out of you, but ultimately it will be worth it".


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