Singing Waiters For Hire

The Singing Waiters are guaranteed to break the ice at any event, from formal dinners to weddings, birthdays and corporate hospitality. Your guests will be amazed and delighted when the ‘waiters’ suddenly break into song, hand out roses, and play guitars. Using classically trained singers and West End performers they perform an impressive range of music with a set-list designed to excite any audience.

Our Singing Waiters greet guests on arrival; building a rapport, while behaving like perfectly normal waiters. Your guests won’t suspect a thing as these talented performers wait on them with charm and professionalism, exactly like a real waiter. Imagine the surprise, when the ‘waiters’ suddenly break into song, playing acoustic guitars and handing out roses to your hosts. Surprise turns to delight as the performance builds with superb harmonies and guitar work. They can serenade your guest of honour and move around to play to your other guests. The act works acoustically performing to the room as a whole. For a larger audience the acoustic, unplugged style allows the Singing Waiters to move around the tables as a ‘mix and mingle’ style performance, to ensure that every guest gets their personal attention. 

The Singing Waiters play list is designed to encourage participation, so it won’t be long before everyone joins in the act. Typically the Singing Waiters will be with you for up to four hours with the music performance lasting for around 20 minutes. If the Singing Waiters are performing as a mix and mingle act around tables then they can play for up to 45 minutes.


"The Singing Waiters really couldn't have been better - perfectly witty, professional, charming and entertaining as waiters, musically talented and downright hilarious as singer-musicians. Our audience laughed 'til they cried, sung along (to my surprise) and called desperately for encores when the act had finished. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Singing Waiters to anyone looking for a fresh, entertaining and - importantly - LIVE - act: they make the backing-tracked alternatives look dated. Perfect".
Claire Johnson 

"The Singing Waiters were amazing. All our guests were completely taken by surprise when they started singing. The song choices were great and they targeted the right people with their personalised treatment - our daughter was suitably embarrassed! Thanks for making our Silver Wedding party a night that our friends and family will be talking about for quite some time...."
Liz Wilding 

"You said 'just trust us', we did and you did an absolutely amazing job and totally rocked our wedding!"
Kate Frankland 

PDF Our Singing Waiters Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.