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Firebird Events Mobile Night Clubs , Mobile Night Club Hire

Mobile Nightclubs are a little different. These are no ordinary discotheques… instead we bring a complete nightclub production and set it up over the dancefloor to produce a complete ‘surround’ nightclub experience. 

We offer three Nightclub packages – dependent upon the size of your event or dancefloor. The packages are self contained – using a freestanding box trussing as a main structure. The Nightclubs also incorporate a full dancefloor surround PA and large main PA. 

Our nightclubs are designed not just to optimize the dancefloor environment. The lighting is also programmed to provide fantastic venue lighting – search lighting, dinner wash and awards lighting. The sound system can be used throughout for background music, speeches and awards.

Contact us today at Firebird Events for further information on our mobile nightclub packages or to make a booking.