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Digital Caricaturist

Caricatures have been a long time party favourite, we can now take it to the next step and offer stunning iPad caricaturists! These artists use state of the art tablets to create your unique portrait which can then be emailed after the event or printed at the event. The lightweight tablets still allow the artists to be a mix and mingle act and are ideal for all occasions. Packages are available whereby the tablet is linked to a larger screen so you can watch as your art piece is created; ideal for an exhibition stand.

iPad Magic - Keelan Leyser

If you are looking for something different for your party, TV production, corporate event, trade show or wedding then iPad Magic could be for you. iPad Magician Keelan Leyser is the only Digital Magician in the UK that creates and programmes his own magic apps so all the tricks you see Keelan perform are his and his only! Keelan programmes in iOS, Android and Windows which makes customising the magic tricks for your event possible. Since the beginning of 2014 Keelan has already worked for Acer, Microsoft, Pepsi, Brightstar Mobile, Intu and Nestle to name only a few!

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Provide your guests with a fantastic souvenir of your event in the form of a professionally drawn caricature. Our caricaturists have many years experience who`s speciality is working ‘on the spot’ at social or business events. They are able to draw a caricature every 5 – 7 minutes.

Close Up Magician

The highest quality magicians have been selected from the London circuit, offering a versatile range of tricks, skills and illusions with which to entertain and stun your guests. Whether telling somebody our magicians has never met before their mother’s maiden name, or recreating a drawing made secretly minutes or even days in advance, whatever our magicians shares with your valued guests, it is sure to create an unforgettable experience provoking wonder, amazement and thoughtful questioning long after the event.

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Pickpocket: Keith (The Thief) Charnley

How did he do that?! A combination of superb magic and pick-pocketing gives this act a real edge. It might not just be the contents of your pockets that disappear… Your watch, neck tie and braces could vanish before you know it! Keith the thief Charnley has established a reputation as the finest stage pickpocket in Britain. Good pickpocket acts are rare but Keith is unique in that he can work in any venue without the use of stooges (either close-up or stand-up - or both in the same evening) and his innovative comic skills and quick fire ad-libs enable him to improvise in any situation.

Silhouette Artist

The art of silhouette cutting is a highly specialist and talented form of entertainment, creating an ornate souvenir for your guests. One silhouette can be cut every 6 minutes.

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David Brent And Gareth Keenan. The Ultimate “BBC Office” Duo!

Gareth Keenan, from the BBC’s "The Office" documentary, has joined together again with the top David Brent/Ricky Gervais look-alike in the uk. Tim Oliver has now teamed up with his assistant (to the regional manager) Brett Sirrell, AKA Gareth, to form the ultimate “office” duo!

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Dean Taylor And His Many Faces

Dean Taylor is a comedy genius with sheer brilliance verbally interacting with your guests with hilarious results! He takes on the character and persona of many different faces during your event including, Ozzy Osbourne, Ali G, Harry Enfield, Simon Cowell, Jaws, Dictator, Keith Lemon, Little Britain, Borat, Fabio Capello, Willy Wonka, Lee Nelson, Freddie Mercury, Frankenstein, Santa Claus, British, Mad Hatter, Lee Nelson, Funderbirds and many more. Dean can either stay as one character or change in to as many characters as want during your event

Fortune Teller

Fortune tellers dressed in gypsy costumes can read palms and tarot cards or interpret guests’ fortunes through a crystal ball. Fortune Tellers are very popular for fun days and corporate events.

Wacky Waiter - Mark Howard

Mark Howard "The Silly Waiter" provides a complete night of hilarious & unique entertainment. He appears, at first, to be a normal waiter, fitting in with those that you have at your function. As pre-dinner drinks are underway, slowly you start to realise, through the hilarious antics of Mark Howard, that there is something quite odd and funny about this waiter, as he falls over and bemuses guests whilst serving drinks with a shakey hand. As the evening progresses, guests suddenly realise that Mark is more than just a waiter. His talents as an entertainer shine through when he starts to amuse guests with his witty comedy sketches, as well as, getting guest participation in some of his dance routines. The night will be filled with laughter as you and your guests savour the talents of Mark Howard "The Silly Waiter".

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Jester/ Juggler

Our versatile jesters can present acts on a stage or a small arena or can mix ‘n’ mingle using many skills: juggling, comedy, magic, balloon modelling, stilt-walking, fire-eating, plate and top spinning, diablo and so on.

Look A likes

A host of famous film, music and TV stars. Ideal for greeting guests, mix’n’mingle and photo sessions. Look a likes include Ant and Dec, Simon Cowell, Joan Collins, John Travolta, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Del Boy, The Royal Family, Sean Connery and many more.

Comedy Security

Hello, hello, hello… what’s going on here then! Be sniffed, searched and interrogated by our hilarious comedy duo, complete with giant comedy search equipment. Having unarmed guests is essential for your event to run smoothly! In-Security is therefore necessary on the entrance to any event where the safety of the guests is considered to be fairly high. In todays hi tech society, a small bazooka can easily be covertly concealed into an earring, a lipstick case or a small van. A laser guided rocket launcher with up to twenty missiles can be controlled from an innocent looking cigarette case, electronic car key fob or a motor home. Even a harmless looking umbrella could be a lethal blowpipe, and if you think it doesn’t happen, then think again.

Manuel (Charles Haslett)

Charles Haslett is the perfect double for Manuel, the Spanish waiter from the hilarious ‘Fawlty Towers’. He manages to capture the mannerisms and the voice to really get his audiences believing in the character. Acknowledged by Andrew Sachs (the original Manuel) as the best impersonator of the character. He is ideal for corporate and private events, exhibitions and conferences, product launches and openings. He is able to meet and greet, mix and mingle and of course entertain at dinner tables.

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Make your event a memorable experience. The now infamous Titan Robot Show is a mix of heart stopping, adrenaline pumping action and lung busting laughs that make it unbeatable as a headlining act for all ages, at any event, anywhere in the world. This 8ft robot is a breathtaking phenomenon, regularly attracting audiences of up to 2000 people, stopping traffic and bringing town centres to a standstill. Titan captivates people of all ages and walks of life. When you see Titan, you have to stop and watch, then you’ll want to see him again to believe what you saw was for real. Seeing Titan once is never enough!

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Paparazzi Pair (With Downloadable Photos)

Our “flash happy” paparazzi will ensure a hilarious impact upon your guests, make your guests feel like stars for the night and give them a taste of the celebrity lifestyle! Whether you want photographers from the roaring 20’s through to modern gutter press, our lively and interactive paparazzi will ensure everyone remembers the occasion. With our popular service you not only get hundreds of great photographs to download from our website but you get character performers to give added atmosphere to any award ceremony, Oscars night or corporate function. Within 24 hours of your event you can download your photographs for no extra charge. It’s the best way to share photos of your event, totally free from developing costs, or ordering through the post.

Themed Stilt Walkers

Choose from our ‘seasonal’, ‘themes’, ‘characters’ or ‘animals’ themes, we have a wide range of stilt costumes! Totally interactive our characters involve audiences in a world of fun and humour with a comic cocktail of dance, wit, endless energy and smiles! We adapt our style to fit the occasion. If we don’t have a costume or theme that takes your fancy, we will have it made.

Painted Human Statues

A body painted model creates a stunning visual effect and can be painted to any given theme. The illusion adds a focal point to your function, from Grecian marble or bronzes to vibrant lush mermaids or wild fantasy animals.

Tequila Girls And Boys

Tequila Girls / Boys complete with outfit, belts and shot glasses can mix and mingle with your guests before and after dinner to get them in the real spirit of the occasion. Tequila, salt and lemon not included.

Lord And Lady Goldwyn

Aristocratic, gossiping socialites, who love to mix it with the best! Lavishly dressed, light humoured and quick witted they are perfectly suited for meet & greet, mix & mingle events for any occasion.

Royal Footmen

The Royal Footmen are some of the most richly dressed costume characters in the UK. They perfectly frame every event they attend, simply by the quality of costume alone. This creates an ideal first impression which is enhanced by their light, gentle humour and verbal wit.

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The Wardens

From an early age brothers Colin and Tom would play for hours at being Wardens, impounding toy cars and clamping the rocking horse. Now that they’re fully fledged grown up Wardens some say they take their job just a little too seriously. No one is safe! They have the jurisdiction to enforce any rule or law they see fit. Including: Breathing too loudly, walking on the cracks in the pavement without a permit, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, possession of an offensive child, whistling or humming an infectious song or stopping in a no stopping area. Anything with wheels can fall foul of laws governing bad parking and balding tyres or simply be pulled over for a random safety check! Watch out or you may end up with a ticket! They wear their uniforms with pride. The Wardens are loud, bold and colourful and will gather crowds as they administrate their ridiculous rules and regulations.

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Man In A Box

Walkabout characters don’t get more head-turning than this! Curiosity is aroused by the arrival of two characters with a box. Despite his size, one manages to climb in and shut the lid. Suddenly the box leaps into life, grows legs and totters off, creating an astounding and amazing illusion. Carefully guided by his comical security guard companion, meeting and greeting is a speciality, playing footsie and dancing with suprised onlookers. Given half a chance they’ll have you playing football on the street.

Luminous Mobile Living Tables

We are very proud to announce another world exclusive costume from our new Light Up Strolling Tables range… Luminous Mobile Living tables are something you’ve never seen before! Circular in shape, these tables look like glass and are dramatically illuminated with a powerful neon glow. Choosing from white, red, green, blue, orange (8 different colours available) or colour changing, allows you to match your theme perfectly. Each table hostess is luxuriously dressed in a light reflecting white ensemble with Victorian flair.

Greg Doherty (The Mini Man)

Greg Doherty,also known as The Mini Man. Is a Dwarf (4’ 6") actor and entertainer and is in huge demand for Parties, Events, Fun Days and Venue launches. Greg is highly entertaining and can generate an atmosphere of laughter and amusement while meeting and greeting your guests, costumes and characters include Oompa-Loompa, Yoda, Travolta, Bouncer, Biker, Austin Powers, Angel, Waiter, Toastmaster, Schoolboy, Red Indian, Pirate, Monk, Leprechaun, Jester, Elvis, Elf, Devil, Chainsaw And Many More.

Singing Waiters (Non-Operatic) 3 Singers

The Singing Waiters are guaranteed to break the ice at any event, from formal dinners to weddings, birthdays and corporate hospitality. Your guests will be amazed and delighted when the ‘waiters’ suddenly break into song, hand out roses, and play guitars. Using classically trained singers and West End performers they perform an impressive range of music with a set-list designed to excite any audience.

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