Marquee Hire

Our marquees can be as simple as a tiny tent for tea or as exotic as a transparent cathedral under the night sky. We will build what you want, where you want.

We are very careful to ensure that lawns and gardens are left in excellent condition. We recommend that lawns should be cut two days prior to the marquee being assembled to allow the grass to dry out. 

We have been providing stunning marquees for weddings, parties, corporate hospitality events and large corporate functions throughout the UK for over 16 years.

All of our marquees, covers, linings and equipment conform to British Standards for wind loading, snow loading, and are fire retardant. They are delivered and assembled by a team of very experienced Firebird staff. We are accredited members of MUTA, the leading trade association for the marquee industry, requiring adherence to a strict code of practice. We have a twenty-four hour emergency number in case you need to contact us out of office hours.

Marquees usually take one of two formats:

Traditional Marquee Hire
Traditional marquees are wooden framed, with large central poles supporting the roof. The central poles can be draped and wrapped in silks and flowers to make attractive centre-pieces. Traditional marquees require guy ropes and pegging.

Framed Marquee Hire
Framed marquees are a new and impressive style. They require no ropes, are quicker to assemble, have no central poles and can be constructed on hard surfaces. The finished product is a more sturdy and impressive structure. Framed marquees also have a greater apex strength, enabling us to suspend overhead lighting to create a stunning impact.

Site Survey
We provide a free and no-obligation site visit for every marquee quotation. We will be happy to advise you on location and sizing for marquees. However, below is a marquee size guide. This chart is a guide only - marquee requirements vary enormously dependent on whether you are having 5ft or 6ft tables, long head tables, a band with stage and so on.

Internal Lining
A beautiful ivory lining creates a classic, elegant impact that is imperative.

Lining Swag
Lining swag merges the roof and walls in a colour to match your choice, adding a finishing touch to the marquee.

Coconut Matting
The most popular flooring, a course matting provides stability and comfort.

Entrance Porchway
An attractive entrance porchway with lining.

Double Georgian Sidewall Windows
For that special summer event, ¾ height arched windows enable your guests to view the spectacular surroundings.

Starcloth Lining
A black felt roofing or wall with small white star lights which sparkle gently. This creates a stunning impact in winter marquees, or over and around dance floors and as stage backdrops.

We can provide a wide range of marquee carpet colours designed to match your schemes. Carpeting is a little more costly than matting, but creates an impressive impact. Carpeting can be laid directly on to grass although we would advise that this can be slippery. Ideally carpet should be laid onto a hard flooring as outlined below.

Hard Flooring
This is the ultimate finish to a marquee. Hard flooring creates a perfectly smooth, stable and level base for a marquee. Hard flooring can only be quoted following a site visit, as the floor often needs levelling.

Marquee Lighting
Lighting is one of the most important ingredients for any event. With the right types of lighting you can create a simply stunning atmosphere. Advanced 'intelligent' lighting now enables us to create movement, patterns and colour changes, however the most popular marquee lighting is fairly basic.

Marquee Heating
There are various types of marquee heater units. Electrical units require high level power supply. Gas heaters are ideal for marquee heating. The units and fans are positioned outside the marquee and a subtle duct is run into the marquee. The heaters are electronically controlled to ensure a constant and well dispersed temperature level.

Stunning mirrored tables and glass chairs, bedouin cushion seats, futuristic space stations… anything is possible with the right mix of furnishings and décor.

Please contact us at Firebird Events to discuss your marquee hire needs. We have a large range of marquee styles and sizes to choose from, there is something for every occasion including weddings, parties, events and corporate hospitality.