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Acting Workshop Team Building Activity For Hire

1hr to 3hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 guests, indoors or outdoors)

The activity starts with a standard ‘actors warm up’, which includes a small amount of Tai Chi, a little limbering up, and some vocal gymnastics! The group will then sit down and the workshop activities will be explained to them. At this point our actors will explain the importance of improvisation – the key to our living stories workshop.


Benefits of being able to improvise:

  • Spontaneous reactions often give a more truthful, organic answer than thought out rehearsed procedures.
  • Improvising ‘blocking’ will not be allowed - rather than just dismissing someone else’s ideas you will have to run with them. A very useful tool in business for finding the good in every bad idea.
  • During improvisation you have to trust the people you are working with in order to be successful. This means that although you may not like the person you are working with, your fates are inevitably linked and you must trust one another and work together.
  • Finally, there is no better sure fire method of building team spirit and relations than having fun and laughing together.


The Activity

Using props from the box, actors and delegates play a ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ style game. Delegates work with our musician and actors to come up with short and witty lines or phrases. Inevitably this part of the activity will show up flaws in people’s ability to trust each other but it gives a great platform to work from.

The acting workshop group are then divided into small teams where they are given a prop and have to improvise creating an advert for it in front of the group, without mentioning the name of the product. This is a technique often used by advertising companies today and has hilarious consequences.

The group are divided once again, this time into pairs. They are given the choice of hundreds of props and then, with the help of their acting mentors have to design an advert for their company, using a totally different approach. This can be a lot of fun and very revealing. The adverts are then showcased, to much hilarity, in front of all the teams.

The group are then brought together again for another run at ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, this time with marked improvements in team work and performance.

Finally a short play is performed in which all guests take part at some point or another. They have no lines, only motivations. They have no format only a starting point and a finishing point they are required to get to, which they will not be able to reach without team work. Our actors will help where necessary. This is a great activity as it requires no acting skill, purely trust in colleagues. This offers a fantastic fun end to the day - your delegates will leave inspired, motivated and full of fresh ideas and gusto.


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