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Body Talk Body Language Course For Hire

1hr to 8hrs Activity - (suitable for 1 – 1000 guests - Inside)

Research proves that only 7% of communication is words.  The other 93% is: 55% Body language & 38% Tone of voice.

This means that mastery of body language is essential if you want to improve your presentations, negotiations, sales-skills and the impact you have everyday. Your voice is also very important.  Every time you use the phone your voice creates an image of you & your company.  You can improve this image with our training. We will show you how to create rapport, look and feel confident, to be more authoritative, charismatic and communicate more successfully. 

The 90 minute session is entertaining, educational and eye-opening!  Coach Richard Newman will guide you through essential communication skills with body language coaching and techniques, including competitions and enjoyable exercises to get everybody involved (complete with optional handouts). Your power to influence, win, respect and build rapport are all crucial everyday business skills, essential for successful meetings, sales and presentations. This captivating training will give you practical techniques for more confidence, natural charisma and a greater personal impact at work. The master class will include how to…

  • Make whatever you say more convincing and memorable, so that clients and staff feel motivated and ready to act on your ideas.
  • Present yourself with gravitas in meetings of any size, getting clients to 'buy in' to your ideas and ensuring you excel in the key moments of business, especially when under pressure.        
  • Master your personal impact on clients and staff, giving you more effective work relationships.
  • Maximise your influence and authority, to make sure you deliver compelling presentations, team meeting and leave a positive, lasting impression on your staff and clients.

We have used these techniques to coach the British Parliament, celebrities and global companies and organisations, so you can be assured we will give you the very best results with this innovative and enjoyable workshop. There are plenty of interactive body language exercises to keep everyone involved and entertained, giving you memorable techniques that will ensure long lasting benefits and results for your company. You will walk away from this session with

Authority to lead and motivate your team on key projects                           

Presence to win respect and cooperation, even during conference calls

Charisma to get 'buy in' on key issues, in small or large meetings.                

Confidence to present persuasively in front of any audience.

Gravitas to give your ideas power and influence in the boardroom.                

Motivation and self belief to put your new found skills into practice every day.

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