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Bush Craft Team Building For Hire

8hrs to 24hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 100 guests - Outdoors)

A walk in the woods will never be the same again… Embark on a fascinating journey of discovery and survival with one of our bush craft experts.

Option 1 - Emergency Survival
Could you really survive in the wild if you had to? Maybe 24 hours, or perhaps 48, but what if days turned into weeks, would you know what to do with just the most basic of materials? This is a totally practical survival course and could prove to be invaluable if you found yourself in such a situation. We’ll show you what initial steps to take, using what you have to hand, how to prioritise, how to plan for recovery and how to survive the long haul. This one or two day experience covers fire starting, building a temporary shelter, improvised survival items, catching and killing for survival and the basics of what is safe to eat in the wild.

Enter the fascinating world of survival…

Option 2 - Wilderness Survival
An exciting team adventure awaits you on this in-depth course, as we enlighten you with the healing power of plants, the hidden foods in nature’s larder and the long forgotten skills of our forefathers. Skills including creating fire by friction, making cord from grasses and fishhooks from woodland material. There may even be an opportunity to catch some fish and steam it in meadow grass for lunch! Our bush craft experience is an excellent day teaching basic survival skills, analysing what motivates people to survive as well as a journey of self-belief.

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