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Caricature Workshop Team Building For Hire

1.5hrs to 2hrs Activity - (suitable for 5 – 21 guests - Indoors or Outdoors)

Have you ever watched a street artist or caricaturist at work and thought “how do they do that?” or “I wish I could draw like that!” Drawing caricatures at high speed is very challenging, but it is also very rewarding and great fun. Our caricaturist workshops are carried out in a light hearted manner and will give your delegates a crash course in caricature drawing… after training from our professional caricaturist improved results can be achieved by everyone.


After a brief introduction from one of the UK’s top 'on the spot' caricaturists, delegates are split into pairs and are supplied with top quality paper and drawing equipment (of the same standard as professionals!) Then the fun really begins with some simple but effective warming up techniques to get the hand moving fluidly

Within each pair one delegate will be the artist and the other their model. With a little guidance, they are shown how to look at their partners face in the way a caricaturist would. Starting with one eye, the group is taught how to put what they see onto paper in a caricature style drawing. The model in each pair will then swap with the artist and try their hand at drawing. This continues until they have learnt how to draw all elements of a face. For the finale the delegates have 10 minutes to put everything they have learnt into practice in creating a caricature that has a humorous likeness of their model (or should we say victim!)

Many of your delegates will have bags more talent than they realise. Adopting a systematic approach our professional caricaturist will promote quick learning of a seemingly very difficult task. Throughout the workshop there will be an emphasis on how to look at the human face, the importance of observation, how to learn from your mistakes, the art of positive thinking and most importantly how to learn to laugh at yourself!

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