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Conference Ice Breakers For Hire

10 Minutes – 1.0 hour activity - (suitable for 5 – 1000 guests, indoors or outdoors)

Break down barriers, invigorate your team and get them interacting. Our short and snappy ice breaker activities and games are ideal at the beginning or during a conference/ meeting to set the tone of your event.

Human Bingo

The task is to find people in the room who can match the criteria on the bingo card. Participants must liaise amongst themselves to find people who have the specified credentials. The requirements are written specifically to pre-empt a conversation, so guests can learn new and interesting things about their colleagues. Once a match is found, they need to sign the bingo card. No one can sign the same card twice, so participants will need to speak to as many people as possible to complete the task. A prize will be awarded to the first person to achieve a full house!

Human Scrabble

A fun and collaborative activity which encourages guests to get out of their seat and interact with each other. Everyone is given a scrabble letter, which they must add to others in order to make words. The aim of the game is to make as many words as possible with every single letter, no one can be left out.

Loony Balloons

Teams must recreate a project out of modelling balloons! Teams are given information on professional techniques such as bending, coiling and the many different types of twist. Each team is then given a picture of a famous landmark that they must
attempt to recreate. Projects can include the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, The London Eye and even the Sphynx!

Masterpiece Match-Up

Participants will all be given a piece of a famous painting. They must work with other guests to find the other pieces and complete the masterpiece. With larger numbers, this can become a head-to-head team competition.

Conference Badge

Guests create their own conference badges from a range of craft materials such as pens, papers, card, stickers, sequins, ribbons and sparkles. They can create their own badge or, as a team building exercise, they can find out all about one of their colleagues and personalise a badge for them based on what they’ve learned about them. Company messages or the theme of the conference can also be incorporated in the brief.

Happy Families

A fun and novel way of getting people out of their seats and mingling. Each guest is given a celebrity mask and must find the other people in their “families,” whether it be soap characters, band mates, the Royal Family or cartoon characters.


Teams work together to build the tallest free standing giraffe out of newspapers! It’s lots of fun, but it also requires skill, science and even some engineering! (We can tailor this activity to any object, landmark or animal).

Bamboo Drop

Team members must work together to hold a bamboo cane at head height, using just one finger each! They must then carefully lower it to the floor in under 30 seconds!


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