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Conference Ice Breakers For Hire

10 Minutes – 1.0 hour activity - (suitable for 5 – 1000 guests, indoors or outdoors)

Break down barriers and get your team interacting and energized. Our short and snappyice breaker activities and games are ideal at the beginning or during a conference or meeting to set the tone of your event


Conference Badge

A fun and novel way of getting people out of their seats and interacting. Each guest is given a celebrity mask and must find the other people in their “families” whether it be soap characters, band mates, the Royal Family or cartoon characters.


Human Bingo

The task is to find people in the room who can match the criteria on the bingo card. Participants must liaise with each to find people who have the specified credentials. The requirements are specially written to pre-empt a conversation so that participants can learn new and interesting things about their colleagues. Once a match is found, participants get that person to sign their bingo card. No person can sign the same card twice, so participants will need to speak to as many people as possible to complete the task. A prize will be awarded to the first person to achieve a full house!


Human Scrabble

A fun and interactive way of getting guests out of their seats and mingling. Each person is given a scrabble letter. The aim is to use up all of the letters, so that nobody is left out, in order to make as many words as they can.


Keys Please

Each guest is given a key and a box. Guests must then circulate the room to find out who has the box that their key will open. Who knows…there may even be goodies inside!


Ring My Bell

Each guest is given a bell which rings a particular note. Guests must then circulate the room to group together with other people whose bell rings the same note. However, all bells are the same colour, so the only way they can match their notes is by ringing! As a fun finale, once all guests are assembled into their note groups, under the conductor’s instructions, they can attempt a merry tune!


Masterpiece Match-Up

Participants will all have a piece of a famous painting. They must find the other pieces of the painting within the whole group the first team to complete their painting are the winners.


Bamboo Drop

Team members must hold a bamboo cane at head height using just one finger each and lower slowly to the floor in under 30 seconds.



Teams work together to build the tallest free standing giraffe out of newspapers! Lots of fun but also requires skill, science and even engineering! (we can tailor this activity to any object, landmark or animal).

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