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Cryptic Challenge Team Building Activity For Hire

1hr to 6hrs Activity - (suitable for 5 – 200 guests - Indoors or Outdoors)

The Cryptic Challenge is one of our most popular activities; flexible for any size group and ability, indoor or outdoor, and offering superb activities that test every type of team skill to ensure a long term impact.

You will be challenged with a number of skill, physical and mental tasks which will test communication, teamwork, leadership and co-ordination skills. We are very happy to provide just one or many activities.

As an indication of the number of activities required for large groups, ideal team size is 5-8 participants, and each team requires a separate activity. For example a group of 80 delegates will divide into 10 teams of 8 participants, and will require 10 activities throughout a full day. Each activity lasts for approximately 40 minutes.

Each team with a Firebird Instructor, will partake in separate 30/40 minute activities in rotation. If a task is successfully achieved within the given time, the team will be awarded up to 10 points, with additional points being awarded for good team work. Should the team fail to successfully complete the task they may be awarded points for effort. Teams then compete in the Grand Finale - the Great Egg Launch. Having created a catapult to launch an egg, the distance of the egg launch is added to points awarded during the day to determine the winning team… competitive and very eggciting!

"...One of the best events we have ever had…" BT


Typical Itinerary

Times and activities are flexible to suit your requirements.
08.00am - Firebird team start to arrive for installation of equipment.
09.45am - Installation of equipment completed and all Firebird instructors are briefed on health and safety issues and the events schedule.
10.00am - Introduction to the day's activities and safety information (usually over coffee). Guests are divided into their teams and introduced to the instructors.
10.30am - Activity One
11.15am - Activity Two
12.00pm - Activity Three, soft drinks served
12.45pm - Activity Four
1.30pm -   Lunch
2.30pm -   Activity Five
3.15pm -   Activity Six, soft drinks served
4.00pm -   Finale Activity – Great Egg Launch
4.45pm -   Debrief and awards ceremony (team and individual spot prizes)
5.00pm -   Guests depart after a fun packed day
5.15pm -   Firebird team start dismantling equipment
6.30pm -   All equipment is off site and field is cleared of any rubbish


Cryptic Challenge Activities

We have a comprehensive collection of more than 30 team tasks. Listed below are our most popular activities.

Nuclear Reactor
Our intrepid Security Officer has discovered a terrible accident which may result in a national disaster. A nuclear reactor fusion pipe is leaking fast, and has contaminated surrounding ground. Your team of nuclear experts must save the day before the cooling liquid runs dry and the reactor explodes, but they cannot touch the ground surrounding the disaster zone. This race against time involves a series of props, some very quick thinking, is really challenging and great fun!

Castle Build
The team examine a castle built from small blocks. They must then, blindfolded, reassemble an identical castle… identical in all ways except that this one is ten times larger! Communication and planning mixed with fun!

Spiders Web
A classic, fun team build activity. Teams are confronted by a giant lethal spider, and must pass through its web without waking the deadly monster. No member is allowed to pass through the same gap, and the team must start again should the spider be woken! Complex pre-planning and team work will be required.

Druids Maze
Members of the team must work their way blindfolded through a maze guided only by musical instruments. The team must devise a language using the instruments. No one may speak once the first delegate enters the maze. Each delegate may collect only 1 piece of the puzzle. They must then make their way out of the maze (still blindfolded) and the second person must enter to collect the second piece of puzzle. The team must collect all of the pieces and must construct the puzzle within the given time.

Safe Haven
A chemistry laboratory contains a valuable mercury store. A security grid of 5 x 5 squares lies between the team of adventurers and the laboratory. The team has 25 coloured blocks – 5 in each of 5 colours. Each player must lay down the blocks to create a safe path ahead of them. The blocks must touch another of the same colour, but can only travel directly forward once. With only 2 possible successful combinations it takes serious pre-planning to get to the laboratory without setting off the alarm. Once inside the laboratory, the team must calculate a way to remove exactly half of the mercury and return to safety.

Hooked on Numbers
A superb new activity. Teams must use their mathematical skills to determine a sequence of pickup grid references. Then as an entire team they must coordinate the pulley grid mechanism to collect pieces of a complex mathematical puzzle. Once these pieces are collected the team can calculate the finished equation. Furious fun, requiring a steady hand and complete team cooperation.

Blindfold Tent Build
Within the time given, you can spend as long as you wish planning and rehearsing your ‘tent building operation’. However, before the time allowance is up you must erect the tent with all members being blindfolded except the designated team caller. This team caller is not allowed to touch the tent or any members of the team – but must be the team’s eyes throughout the operation. Our operator will be inspecting your finished tent for ‘quality’ of build.

Great Egg Launch - Optional Finale Activity
Each team is given a range of props before competing in this hilarious and challenging finale. Within a given time, teams must build an egg missile launcher. The aim is to propel the egg as far as possible before it hits the ground and the teams have 2 eggs each to test. As the eggs often go straight up, backwards or even explode in the machine, it can be rather messy! The overall winning team is the one to shoot the egg the furthest…. An extremely eggciting finale to a great fun afternoon!

The Bigger Picture (build your company Logo)
This activity has been designed specifically to clarify the importance of combined individual and team effort. Each team must use a selection of props to cross an area of contaminated land to a central arena whilst collecting puzzle pieces on-route. Inside the central arena all teams must work together to put their pieces of puzzle into a giant frame. The end result will be the hoisting of a giant “Branded Puzzle”. All operators will be encouraging their teams throughout, the atmosphere will be electric!

What Is Included

  • Site visit (if required)
  • Site preparation and technical coordination with venue staff
  • Full event site plans
  • Health and safety risk assessment and presentation of any health and safety reports
  • Delivery, setting up, running and dismantling of equipment / services
  • On site contact for the duration of the event
  • Firebird instructors for each activity
  • Firebird event compere / manager
  • Bunting and air horn
  • Luminous team coloured afro wigs
  • Humorous individual and team prizes


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