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Drum Circle Team Building Workshop For Hire

0.5hr to 2hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 1500 guests - Indoors or Outdoors)

Drum Circle combines outrageous fun and creativity, with the enhancement of the day-to-day skills necessary for a successful business. We are supported by REMO (the largest drum company in the world) which enables us to offer you the largest and highest quality instruments in the UK. We take groups of people (10-1500) and effortlessly transform them into an exciting drumming orchestra.

A Drum Circle is simply a group of people playing together, using different sized hand drums and percussion instruments under the guidance of our superb Drum Facilitator (the "Conductor"). Within a very short space of time we can mould your company's "Orchestra" using simple African and Samba rhythms. Drumming has been used as a form of communication throughout history. From ancient tribes, to armies of the world; from religious ceremonies, to music therapy in medicine, rhythm surrounds and permeates every aspect of our daily lives.


What makes Drum Circle events unique is the fact that the results are immediate and organic. There are no lectures, no formal lessons of any kind; all of the learning and understanding is "discovered" by the participants, without effort or even the realisation that they are learning at all! We find this seamless exchange of knowledge to be the most effective way of ensuring that your newly-improved skills are applied in the every day work place.

Drum Circle participants develop a common language through playing and listening, which encourages improved communication between members, vital in today's corporate world.

Having worked in this industry for more than six years, we are convinced that the effects of Drum Circle events will have lasting qualities within your company.


Our Drum Circle facilitators have all worked professionally worldwide as performers/educators and are trained in all areas of drumming. They fully understand the needs of today's businesses, and enjoy the thrill of being able to make such a difference to so many people in this way.

A Drum Circle is not your typical learning environment. It should never be viewed as an "Us and Them" scenario. The circle works at its best when everyone (including the facilitator) works together on the same level. To achieve this, our Drum Facilitators are not just drummers taken from the professional music world; they have all been specifically trained in this field and become adept at delivering the Drum Circle experience.


  • Drum Circle do not take any responsibility for the discovery of hidden talents!
  • Transcends age, language barriers and professional hierarchy.
  • NO musical ability is needed… We can make the most musically challenged sound fantastic!

Activities Outline

Imagine your delegates entering the room to find an array of beautiful drums from all over the world awaiting them….. As they take their seats, we play thunderous Latino rhythms - a small example of how they will sound at the end of the session!

Within seconds our highly motivated team will have everyone learning the basic skills and rhythms needed to build a powerful Samba band.

  • You will experience power of group drumming.
  • You will learn to play, listen and react as one voice.
  • Conference / Company themes can be introduced into the rhythms played.

Through various rhythm games and hand signals the group is guided along an inspirational journey, demonstrating improved communication and showing how individual input is crucial to the overall goal. Our facilitators will have your group exhilarated, and playing cohesively together, reacting and communicating as a unit.

Delegates will discover

The Firebird facilitators will send you on a vibrant sound adventure that will build in pace and intensity until the explosive finale:

  • The pounding Surdo’s of Brazil.
  • Exotic Klong Yaw’s from Thailand.
  • Doumbeks from ancient Egypt.
  • Bright coloured frame drums from Europe.
  • Ashikos from the jungles of Africa and many more…


With the Drum Master at the helm all that is left to do is breakout the Samba whistles, up the tempo and lead the entire group in their very own hair raising finale!

  • The drum master layers each of the signature rhythms one on top of the other, to create an amazing sound.
  • VIP’s / Soloists will be encouraged to play the mighty African tribal ‘NGOMA’ Drum to the background of their colleagues pulsing rhythm.
  • The MD / Head Speaker gets to ‘conduct’ his company and give the final rhythm command.

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