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F1 Bridge Build Team Building Activity For Hire

1hr to 2hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 400 guests - indoors or outdoors)

F1 BRIDGE BUILD TRAIL is an activity that builds on, and enhances teamcommunication and co-operation. With team-against-team tasks throughout the session, the whole group must pull together and unite in the finale challenge, in order to succeed!

Trapped in a ravine, your only means of escape is to build yourself a way out – with a bridge. Your team must construct a bridge which crosses the 1m ravine (the distance between tables), which is strong enough to drive your (remote controlled) car over.

At your briefing, each team will be given instructions and materials, but it will take the whole team to plan, design, build and test their section.

Teams are encouraged to decorate their structure and fly a flag from a flag pole at the top of the bridge, as a true representation of their bridge and name. Driver Training is then given to the team member who elects, or is chosen to drive the remote control car over the bridge (one from each team).

Then it’s time for a fun-filled finale, with the teams working together as one and joining their bridges up, to create one large mega-structure! Once the structure is complete, it is time to drive the vehicle the entire distance, to the satisfaction of all!


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