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Family Misfortunes Evening Game Show For Hire

90mins to 2hrs Activity - (suitable for 20 – 200 guests - Indoors)

Let’s go retro and plunge into the past with the  entertaining “ Family Misfortunes”. Do you remember  the enthusiasm you used to shout the answers at the  screen? The good old times when all the family were  watching the same programme at the same time on  the big chunky television!

Now you can relive all this in your very own show. Just  like the TV programme, the “families” or teams  compete fiercely to guess the results of surveys, each  around their buzzer. Our highly produced, very slick  and interactive show will genuinely impress and ensure  a fantastic and unforgettable night for all. 

Please note that ITV’s Family Fortunes does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this activity

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